Friday, 29 June 2007


I have just got back from the team dinner. Me and my roomie both grabbed laptops and are sitting on our respective beds "surfing" the internet. Gee, what geeks!

Some of us left work slightly early today, which really means about 6:30pm rather than 7. We went to a close pub for a drink before dinner. When the crowd arrived, they settled in playing a "pub quiz" game. Funny, but when there were "world" quiz questions, they related directly to either England or if you were lucky, Europe.

The interesting topics of conversation over dinner were games. We played two games over dinner:

  • What movie - given a quote or two from frequently obscure movies

  • Canonical trivia - like "who had their laptops stolen at the first sprint"

All in all a reasonably nice evening. The problem with the movie trivia game, is that you think you've watched heaps of movies, but when it comes to thinking of a quote that isn't immediately obvious as to which movie it comes from, your mind goes blank. Well mine did.

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