Thursday, 28 June 2007

The "Air Blade"

The Canonical offices are in a much nicer state now than when I first saw them at the start of April. Firstly the construction has finished, all the meeting rooms are finished, and the kitchen now has a fridge. There is even an espresso machine, although the coffee grinder is currently broken and they only have medium grind beans for the filter machine. Nice office though.

One really cool device that they have though can be found in the toilets. Not normally a place where you expect to find gadgets, but I include this device in that category. It is the Dyson airblade. This thing is a hand dryer like you haven't seen before. Surprisingly fast at drying your hands.

We seem to be spending very long hours talking about work stuff. In the office at 9 and not leaving until after 7 in the evening. On Monday it wasn't until almost 8. I did manage to pick up some CDs to pass around back home, and some ubuntu stickers.

Lots of planning going on, nothing that I want to bore y'all with.

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