Friday, 11 March 2011

Blueprint magic

Just landed in qastaging is some itch-scratching work I did adding AJAX widgets to the main blueprint page. This has passed QA and will end up in production with the next no-downtime rollout (which should be real soon now).

This work was adding a bunch of the lazr-js wrapped widgets. Now we can update the following without reloading the primary page:

  • title - the H1 heading
  • summary
  • whiteboard
  • assignee
  • drafter
  • approver
  • priority
  • implementation status
  • definition status

Using the new custom events that the page raises when the context object changes (using YUI magic and API PATCH requests), when you change the title of the blueprint, the document title (title bar) and the breadcrumbs also change. When the implementation status is updated, the overall status updates, and the "started by" and "completed by" are shown or hidden as appropriate.

This is work that I've wanted to see done for almost a year, and recent other changes I've done adding more widget wrappers and javascript goodness have made this possible without adding copious amounts of custom javascript.

A side-effect of these changes is that there are now more fields exported over the API for blueprints.

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